Trying to get Visual Studio Express working over a network share for Windows Phone 7 development?

Getting the stupid error message from Visual Studio about assemblies loaded from the we, on assemblies generated by VS itself?

You need to edit the VDPExpress.exe.config file to allow loading of assemblies from remote locations

networking – Visual Studio Test won’t run over a network share – Stack Overflow

Samsung Solid Extreme on Vodafone–Is it a phone or a brick?

Just looking at the Samsung Solid Extreme on the Vodafone website.  Comparing with a couple of other phones, apparently it has almost no features…(it’s the one in the left hand column)



PHP: Windows Installation on IIS

Had a lot of fun setting up PHP on IIS.  Used the installer, even though every body seems to recommend installing manually, and putting files in strange (non-Windows) places.  Apart from divvying with a couple of PHP.INI settings, the only serious things I had to do was sort out the global PATH to include PHP, […]

Open Graph protocol – Facebook developers

How Facebook uses Open Graph and how to configure the right information on your web pages

Open Graph protocol – Facebook developers

Facebook Share Thumbnail Image : Capstrat

Useful post describing how to set a standard facebook share icon/logo

Facebook Share Thumbnail Image : Capstrat